Q: How is the Hoboken Lacrosse Club different from the Hoboken Rec program offered by the town?
A: We've learned from other communities that the ideal way to introduce a new sport is in 2 levels: introductory and advanced.  So we're doing the introductory side with the Rec program offered by the town, and the advanced program via HLC.  Parents can do whichever seems to make the most sense for their child.

Q: Will there be games?
A: for the Rec program, not yet and not until we've built up enough kids to build a real league here in town, if ever. The travel prorgam will be full equipment and game preparation and we are actively working on building up the demand for a Hudson County lacrosse league.  We are working out an initial set of games for the late April, early May time frame.  Lyndhurst and Jersey City are likely our first 2 opponents and a team from Brooklyn and/or NYC may be added.  We may host these games at 1600 Park or travel to other fields if needed.

Q: How do I get my kid started?
A: The best thing to do is to get your child a stick of their own and play catch with them (parent using just their hands).  This is the best way to get a child use to the hand-eye coordination necessary for lacrosse.  if you want to do the Rec program we'll have sticks available.  For travel you will need to get your child their own stick, and the guys at AllLacrosse.com or UniversalLacrose.com can help.

Q: What gear is recommended?
A: Maverick and STX have great starter packages that you can find online.  if you are buying a helmet we would ask that it be white so we can potentially buy some helmet decals to make the kids look like a real team!

Q: Is Lacrosse dangerous, and how significant is the risk of concussion?
A: Lacrosse is not nearly as dangerous as other sports for younger ages as the physical contact that occurs in the teen years is forbidden in youth play.  Even at the most advanced levels players have much less of a risk of concussion when compared to other sports.

Q: How will insurance be covered?
A: The town covers insurance for the Rec program.  For travel, all HLC members will need to register their child with USLacrosse, which comes with insurance.

Q: Is lacrosse a fall or spring sport?
A: Lacrosse is a spring sport, but fall is known for having lacrosse tournaments around the Northeast.  Our goal is make lacrosse a one season sport as kids need diversity in everything in life and we're discouraging the movement to specialize kids in one sport at a young age.